Alligator Hunting Testimonials

"The greatest guys weekend imaginable.  Great Cajun cooking, comfortable accomodations, all on beautiful Bourbe Lake.  It couldn't be more relaxing, that is until a gator is hooked.  Then all hell breaks lose!"

- Gary Cole, Director of Photography, Playboy Magazine, Chicago, Il.

"The whole setting makes for the ultimate getaway.  The facilities and organization were first rate, not to mention the camaraderie between all of the participants.  I would recommend the Bourbe Lake experience for friends and clients alike.  Definitely one of my greatest life experiences."

- Andrew Luxton, International Marketing Director, Valvoline International, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hosting a wild alligator hunt from the beauty of Bourbe Lake was an unbelievable adventure for our customers.  From bass and brim fishing to the authentic Cajun food and the relaxed atmosphere of the camp, it all contributed to building the perfect long-term relationship with our customers.  And the gator hunt itself will go down as our customers most unique client experience ever, this will be one corporate outing they are sure to never forget."

- Guy Davis, Owner, Point to Point Consulting, Houston, Tx.

"An experience of a lifetime.  I will never forget it.  Wild alligator hunting in the stunning beauty of a Louisiana cypress lake was an experience like no other.  All other hunts pale in comparison."

- Mel Weihman, Broodmare Manager, Occidental Thoroughbreds, Lexington, Ky.

"Filled with beautiful cypress trees and hanging Spanish moss, Bourbe Lake is a scene straight out of a Southern novel...expertly prepared dinner of crawfish etouffee...the first line we check is down and the line is taunt...we have a gator...suddenly our boat is rammed from beneath...the gator has actually bitten the bottom of the boat...the other two return to the camp to retreive another boat and a bigger gun...three rifle rounds...we have caught the lake record...the rest of the weekend is filled with tall tales and bad jokes...a weekend none of us will ever forget."

- Perry Smith, Sr. VP, USI Southwest, Dallas, Tx.

"Bourbe Lake Hunting Club is Louisiana wild alligator hunting at its finest.  Set on the majestic Bourbe Lake amongest beautiful cypress trees, the view cannot be beat.  Jady and his staff are the epitome of Southern hospitality.  They wil ensure that you enjoy every second of your stay.  Come hungry because the local cuisine that is dished up is out of this world good.  Relax on the porch, enjoy a cool cocktail, and you may consider extending your stay.  Be ready to work because from baiting to landing your gator, the hunt is a true hands-on experience.  But at the end of the day it is all worth it.  Especially if you get six gators in a single morning like we did!  It also helps when you land a 12 foot 8 inch monster in what may well be the most exciting hunt of my life.  Words cannot describe this hunt.  If you are a hunting enthusiast a hunt at Bourbe Lake is a must.  Cheers to Jady and his crew for an unbelievable weekend."

- Chris Petty, Attorney at Law, San Antonio, Tx.

The Ultimate Testimonial

"We arrived at Bourbe Lake around 4 in the afternoon on a hot and rainy mid September day.  We never saw the sun that weekend, but the energy was enough to give us all sunburns.  As our car doors flew open, we were greeted by Jady Regard (Owner and Lead Alligator Guide of Bourbe Lake Hunting Club) with handshakes, hugs and a generous welcome to Bourbe Lake.  We immediately felt at home.  Jady served up the perfect canvas - and we provided the good friends while he supplied the incredible hospitality, gourmet meals, and a stocked bar that left us only wanting an aspirin at the end of the weekend.  Jady was constantly attentive to our needs, however the experience was more like being at a long-time buddy's home, who just wanted you to relax and have fun.  The camp set up is perfect.  Throughout the day we would venture from room to room, laughing and telling stories through the cigar smoke and sounds of raindrops on the tin awning of the porch.  At day break, we would spill out on the deck that overlooked the cove of the lake.  There we would drink our morning coffee, inhale hot beignets, and try to push down the  butterflies in our bellies, as we prepared to check the alligator traps from the night before.  Jady is an expert - both in the way he navigated us through the hunt process and way he catered to our needs at the camp.  He is the kind of guy who manages all of the moving parts with just the right touch.  This was illustrated on the first day of the weekend hunt when we went to check on our very first trap.  What ensued can only be described as a trophy day.  You'll have to ask Jady about the record alligator and how it nearly sank the boat!

They say you don't know how much fun you've really had until you can reflect on the memories later.  Well, we knew we were building memories as they were happening, and as I write this I already want to be back at Bourbe Lake to taste the trout almondine, char grilled boudin, warm camp-made pecan pie and be on the bow of the boat as Jady guides us effortlessly through the maze of cypress trees, while we pursue more alligators and make more memories."

- Don Jarred, Vice President - Production Services, Epsilon, Dallas, Tx.