At the Bourbe Lake Hunting Club we are doing our best to engage in sustaining practices that meet our goal of sustainable, responsible, natural resource management and the replinshment of resources that we consume.  

In the early March we take the time to clean out all of our on-site wood duck nesting boxes so hens can locate safe, predator-proof shelter in the spring to lay their eggs.  Later in the summer we walk the banks of Bourbe Lake in search of wild alligator nests so we can collect alligator eggs and safely transport them to a local alligator farm for incubation and future release of live alligators back into the lake.  About every eight years or so we release sterile, grass-eating carp into the lake to keep under-water aquatic vegetation in check enabling certain species of game fish and other aquatic wildlife to thrive.  

By engaging in just a few of these activities we have an immediate, postive-impact on the lake and the sustainability of our local wildlife.

More than anything we want to Club members and guests to enjoy the great outdoors that Bourbe Lake has to offer.  We value all wildlife at Bourbe Lake and more than anything look forward to witnessing any act of nature.  It may be as simple as seeing a deer feeding near the camp or a owl hooting during a fireside gathering.  It might be an alligator sunning himself on a fallen tree in the lake or watching a family of flying squirrels scurry in and out of their nest.  If you sit still long enough and let your eyes and ears guide you, wildlife will be abundant all around our diversified property.  We would like everyone to enjoy their retreat and to reconnect to nature in their own personal way.

"Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints."  Chief Seattle