Bourbe Lake has a healthy population of bass, brim and sac-a-lait (white perch).  Try your hand with a casting rod or perhaps even a fly rod if you are willing.  However, one of our favorite activities is to run yo-yo lines in the winter. Usually the colder the weather the better.  We use minnows that are placed onto a hook attached to the yo-yo and set four to six inches below the surface of the water.  Once a line of yo-yo's has been baited it is back to the camp for a couple of hours before we return to run our lines and haul in the catch.  Usually we bait our lines right before sunset and then venture into the lake at night to check the catch.  A yo-yo is a spring loaded spool of fishing line with a normal hook attached.  Once the fish takes the bait the spring loaded spool is automatically activated and the fish is caught.