Alligator Hunting Introduction

Since 1995 the Bourbe Lake Hunting Club has featured one of the most unique hunting experiences the state of Louisiana has to offer.  In a remote part of Louisiana, in the seclusion of our private 350 acre classic cypress lake, the Bourbe Lake Hunting Club offers our guests a remarkable hunt they will never forget - an up-close, hands-on, guided, wild alligator hunt that will be remembered for a lifetime!

The hunt begins with your arrival to the cozy confines of our on-site, rustic-style camp that is perfectly perched on a hill overlooking scenic Bourbe Lake.  A lake that is literally infested with wild alligators.  Our guests are treated to the finest Cajun camp cooking Louisiana has ever served up.  Expect to dine on such local delicacies as gulf shrimp, fresh speckled trout, crawfish etouffee, grilled boudin and of course an encore alligator entree.  A fully stocked bar along with premium cigars are just a few perks of the hunt.

The Club is awarded alligator tags from Louisiana's Department of Wildlife & Fisheries to hunt these rugged, prehistoric, creatures in their natural habitat.  The Club takes the guiding service seriously and completely focuses on the hunters experience.  We harvest the majority of the alligators using a .22 caliber pistol, getting our clients as close to the action as possible.  We have routinely harvested trophy alligators that have ended up mounted or tanned for display purposes or turned into the most beautiful custom boots, belts, golf shoes, purses, flasks, gun cases, mobile device covers, watch straps, humidors and wallets you have ever imagined.  

If you are looking for the ultimate wild alligator hunting experience, look no further - you have found it here!  A scenic, private, up-close, hands-on, professional serviced, experienced, licensed and insured, guided, wild alligator hunt awaits you - Louisiana style!

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